Personal technology on your wrist. Beautiful designed pods that blend in with your watch. Mechanical and modular. No charging, no mobile-app, no connection.

A new category of personal tech.


Dual time zone.

The GMT Pod gives you the possibility to set a second time zone. Swiss Made movement, curved sapphire glass and engraved case back. Rhodium plated or matte black hands. Waterproof 10 atm just like the watch case.


A great sense of direction.

The Compass Pod is equipped with a Francis Barker SAS Button Compass, built to full military specifications for survival use and included as a standard NATO inventory item specified by the British Army. The compass has been designed to hold up under the harshest environments and during WWII, even swallowed by military pilots during capture so that it could later be used as an escape compass. It has niva tipped brass pivot, north and south seeking luminous points and is functional down to –40C.


Monitor your movements.

The activity Pod will be equipped with a mechanical activity tracker. Front with sapphire glass protecting a small dial with daily activity scale from 0–100. Individual goal is calibrated on the back of the pod, using the OP Tool.

Patent pending link system.

Developed and tested by Oskar Pascal, the OP Pod and Link system V1 uses custom made links and inserts to ensure a perfect fit of Pods and leather straps. A single screw locks and unlocks, easy and secure. Every watch comes with the OP Tool, a high end torque wrench that guarantees just the right torque to secure the link screw.

Future proof technology.

The Pod system is based on a few fundamental principles — modularity, focus on mechanical technology and ease of use. No connection, no charging, no mobile app. A future proof system where you can easily change and add new Pods. New technology is developed and launched on an ongoing basis.